Monday, January 07, 2002

Sometimes I look at the Sitemeter referral page to see why folks come to this blog. It's absolutely fascinating to know that somewhere in Google, someone sifts through this stuff and so when you type in your search string, they'll occasionally find my nest and stumble in.

They are all probably severely disappointed.

Seventy-five percent of the search queries that end up here are looking for shoes. :P Others are probably curious about what this blog has to say about some of the things they've typed in. Once in a while, I'm intrigued by the search string (which Google reports back via the Sitemeter) so I'll see what else is mentioned when someone stops by my place while looking for online tickets for the Cinerama, or the Legend of the Christmas Pickle, or Elswyth Thane.

I'm sorry if you're here looking for hot+navy+chicks or nude+army+wives because search engines are not perfect and you will be unhappy.

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