Thursday, February 07, 2002

The keyboard is done. Now I need to get used to it. In a way it's like learning a new language. I find myself translating as I type. Years of touch typing to undo...but so far, not as painful as I fretted over. Indeed, in many ways it is a lot easier. The keys are set into logical patterns and I am already touch typing just very slowly.

The LAN guy had never heard of Dvorak before. Luckily, I had printed out the instructions on how to make changes to the registry so he followed them and all is well. Whew!

I do wonder why they had to change the placement of the punctuation, but the keys all seem to flow. I like having the period where the E key used to be. It's a simple but elegant placement. Even if I do tend to look down when reaching for it!

Iron Steph graciously added comments for us Netscape users. Now I can make my little observations like the non-Netscapers! Bwahahahaha! Wow! Typing Bwahahaha is VERY satisfying on this keyboard. I wonder if Mr. Dvorak used that phrase a lot himself?

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