Tuesday, February 12, 2002

One thing I miss most about living in Hawaii is eating at Zippy's. They are a local "fast" food place that serves up heaping plates of local favorites.

What school trip was ever complete without someone in the class bringing a "ZipPack" bento for lunch? This includes a pile of rice, a fried chicken thigh, mahimahi and of course, a slice of fried Spam. Plus you could get a side order of kim chee :)

For my birthday, I'm playing the Fortieth Fantasy Game, wherein I have my favorite treats to eat. I don't want a ZipPack; I want Nappies. A dozen coconut Napples... which is wha they call their turnovers because the name of their bakery is Napolean's. Mmmm.... Naaaaappppples. The apple Napples are good too, but this is my fantasy.

I fill out the online order form and the shipping is more than the cost of the treats...but you know, it's not that I MUST have them, it's that I CAN. And so, I clear the form and sigh happily, knowing that a box of these is a click and a paycheck away.

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