Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Chickens! on PBS! Aieeee! :>

You must watch this if it comes on in your area. It's (well) a hoot!

One of the stories is about "Valerie," whose owner found her having a near freezer-burn experience one winter's night. Valerie's owner performed mouth-to-beak CPR. The sight of the owner trying to stuff frozen Valerie into a shoebox had us in stitches. When Valerie recovers, the owner says the chicken was asking for its dinner. The dog, on the other hand, seemed to be cursing Valerie's revival as he'd obviously hoped to scarf down a few chicken bones after the owner went to bed for the night.

Later on, the owner consults an animal psychiatrist to find out if Valerie remembered anything of that night. Rob and I howled!

Rob: Did she see a bright light? Or Colonel Sanders?
Tracy: Maybe she saw one of them big red warming lamps? Dooon't go intoooo the liiiiight!

Catch this film if you can; it's great!

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