Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Heidi (one of the attorneys here) and I discovered that one of our programs comes with instant messaging, so we sent each other messages. Very exciting! Now we can let each other know when something exciting is going on without having to get up from our chairs and walk the five steps to each other's desks. It's those little things in life that are cool. :)

I still don't want to reinstall AIM or ICQ at home, though, even though my staff wishes I had it. I think about it, and I know how I operate, and that would be too interesting to me and I wouldn't get anything else done. I had had ICQ when Rob was in Virginia; we spent a lot of time chatting on that before we got married. Now, however, when I'm online doing something I don't want to have someone pestering me, no matter how worthy the cause. I'm not sure when I developed this kind of desire to be hidden. Perhaps I have a latent Howard Hughes gene coming to the fore?

Excuse me while I change my kleenex box shoes for the drive home.

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