Thursday, May 20, 2004

I went to a training session at lunch. Boxed sandwiches with cookies and a bag of chips, plus soft drinks were provided. The room was set up in classroom style, with rows of chairs facing the whiteboard at the front.

After work, there'll be a "wine social" for the paralegal association that I'll be attending. As newsletter editor and secretary-elect, I have to go to these things and glad-hand around the room. Since I'm working all day and going to the social directly from here, I'm wearing one of these outfits that supposedly allows one to transition from day to night with ease: black capri pants, a tan silk shirt and a white blazer. Very functional!

However, the meeting at lunch was pretty awkward as one is trying to balance the handouts, a sandwich, the other half of the lunch and a pen to take notes.

Back at the office the first thing I asked Clare was, "Can you see where I dropped part of my sandwich mayonaise-side down on my pants?" To which she said no. "Whew!" I said, adding, "What a relief! It was right there. pointing to a delicate part of the female pants-covered frontal anatomy And when I bent to look where the bread went, a tomato fell out!" Pause. "Of the sandwich."

Duh. I sincerely hope I'm a lot more sparkly and witty tonight. Also hoping there's no tomatoes.

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