Saturday, October 23, 2004

When I was in high school I liked to write things intended to shock my audience (the teachers). Amy might recall a short play I wrote for our religion class one year: "Jesus Meets the Devil, or, You Win Some and You Lose Some." It was about Jesus (Amy) wandering the desert while the Devil (me!) tempted him with stuff and things.

So play Motherload. It has absolutely nothing to do with my play. Or does it? Or (using the inflection from A Bit of Fry and Laurie)...does it? And it's free! My boss's boss (Broos' underling) recommended it to me and Matt the other night. I've been playing it during my supper breaks. Matt stayed up till 6AM playing it (well, he was working too...he scripts stuff so he does stuff while waiting for things to compile).

It's nice to have Mittens with me. When I hear burgurgalurs in my living room, I grab a pillow and spend the rest of the night curled upon the couch (how this will stop them, I have no idea). When I curl up on the couch, he comes over to curl up with me. If I get up and go back to bed, he'll follow me there and curl up with me again. Right now he's chasing a twisty bread tie but in a couple of minutes when I shut the laptop and turn off the TV, he'll dart back into the room to sleep beside me. What devotion :)

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