Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Ooooh!!! That's one of my quests on the top of page 2! The folks who did the voices for the npcs on this quest did a great job. It's so cool to listen to someone else say something you wrote and it sounds exactly as you imagined it. :) In a related note, I was giddy with delight over one of my npcs whose voice sounded so familiar I wondered what TV commercials he'd done. Turns out he'd done the voice for one of my favorite npcs in KotOR too. How cool is that? :)


  1. I'm a voice chaser! WHo was it?

  2. I dunno if I'm allowed to say, ma'am...but just hear something like this in your mind's ear...

    Is there anything *else* you want to know?


  3. Vegalys Keldrane's betrayal quest is my favourite ever in the history of MMORPG, and I keep telling that to anyone. That, and Dancer herself, you know :)

  4. Heh! You must be incredibly bored this year, to go all this way back :)

    Did you do any of Dancer's stuff from Kingdom of Sky? Or had you stopped playing completely by then?