Monday, December 20, 2004

I spent my weekend arranging the spare room to fit the two queen-sized air mattresses I bought for my cherubs' visit. I measured out spaces to make sure folks can still amble around the room with two beds and this lovely dresser-sized unit of flipped boxes covered by upholstery fabric. That meant a lot of pushing and pulling and flipping, stirring up eons of dust, making me sneeze. I went shopping and carried many things up my stairs, and many squished boxes down, making my muscles ache. I need a dumb waiter, if anyone is still trying to find me a perfect gift :)

The room looks rather nice. I will hang some prints and photos up later to make it more lived-in looking.

This morning, the sneezing and muscle aches turned out to be the signs of a possible cold! Curses! At least, I am well-stocked with Zicam and have been snorting it religiously. I am going to lie down now with a cup of ginseng tea and my remote control and relax a bit. How anti-climatic.

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