Sunday, January 30, 2005

Kevin and Candice invited me to meet them and some of their other friends at an Irish pub. Sims2 or pub? Sims2 or pub? I decided to go to the pub because I don't get out much.

I don't know if it's the norm for this type of place or what. There were times when it reminded me of my mom taking me and my sister to Shakey's Pizza, where some nights they played tunes on a piano and projected the words onto the wall so that all the patrons could sing along. Only this time, the words weren't anywhere, yet everyone seemed to know them and if you didn't, it was amusing to watch. It was a very entertaining experience (I said exactly that to someone who asked me how I was liking it and he said, "Is that a veiled way of saying you don't like it?" and Kevin interjected, "No; she that's just how she talks." Which is true :/ ).

And, worth noting, it's the first bar I've ever been in where there was a line to the men's room, but not to the women's. :)

I had a great time, I'm still deaf in one ear and my throat hurts from yelling...I have no idea what, but there you go, I was participating as best I could. It was very participatory. The penalty for non-participants was to have to chug down whatever their drink was, which is a dynamic I don't like, but realize that's what bars are for and obviously, the more the singer had folks chugging down their Guiness, the more they'd have to it's expected. The analytical part of my brain, though, kept thinking of it as a study in peer pressure and gang mentality, where the chugger might not want to chug, but feels that s/he as to because it's expected and s/he wants to fit in.

Maybe I'm just too new to the whole Irish pub thing :)

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