Sunday, January 02, 2005

The place is so quiet without the cherubs and Rob. I managed to put the XPS on my desk finally, after taking apart the old Dimension 8100 to ship to Chris. In a neat little row, I have two boxes to send to Rob and two to send to the boys. Hopefully I'll be able to send them all off before I head to CES this week.

Of course, now that all the men are gone, I spent the day cleaning and wishing I'd stuck to my guns and had them help me rearrange my bedroom furnishings. :/ I am finding myself not terribly fond of the placement of this desk, either. I wonder whether I can get this mosey'd into the bedroom and move the bookcase from the window into this space by myself? Probably not; I will continue to mull over the options. Right now, I am disliking that my back is to the entire room; it feels so unsafe. I keep glancing over my shoulder, as though someone will be sneaking up on me, even though there is no one else here but Mittens.

I watched The Making of Iron Chef America, though I probably won't watch the actual series. Bobby Flay works my nerves, though I'm not sure why. Maybe he just seems too smug? In any case, if he's on the program, I will find something else to watch. Tivo caught an episode of Inspector Morse for me, which I'll watch during daylight hours in a couple of weeks. I love that show, but it is not for me to watch alone at night! Always the murder, there is! And I have not the strength of mind to deal with it. I am also catching up on House. If y'all have not yet seen it, please Tivo it and take a look. It's pretty darn good :)

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