Monday, February 14, 2005

I've been debating in my mind what to post today. Part of me wants to put up my romantic ghost story because it's my blog so there :) But tis a long story and I hate to put anyone out. Another part of me wants to put up one of my romantic poems, which I don't think I have up anywhere...but that would require me to look for the hardcopy, since a digital one doesn't exist for this particular piece. Maybe another day. Valentine's Day just seems like a day for romance and poetry, doesn't it?

It's also for some really wonderful friends and good, good people. Broos is slipping his father some sedatives for supper then sneaking back out to go to dinner with me, John and Michelle. Michelle spent her day trying to find a place where four people could go to dinner tonight. They want to make sure I'm not alone tonight, which is so incredibly kind and good it ... it just makes me wonder what horrible thing John is up to that he's going to all this trouble :D Hehehe!

I made a birthday cake for myself yesterday and brought in 3/4 of it to share with Broos...and gave a piece out here, and a piece out thing you know there's only enough for Broos and his dad when John comes rushing up (and lord knows how he even found out I'd made cake) asking whether I had a slice for him, too. Which I didn' I have just cause to worry what's in store for me now!

Matt found some Seattle's Chocolates for me since he knows I love chocolate and Seattle. He's an all right kind of guy for someone who kidnapped the stuffed sheep I hurled at him earlier today for something that I can't remember what the cause of it was but I'm sure it was his fault.

The folks at our Starbucks gave me my latte on the house, which ended up being funny since I think Matt was going to pay for my drink but hadn't enough cash on hand so I ended up buying his.

May your day also have been filled with good, kind people who make you smile!

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