Thursday, March 03, 2005

We're still looking for a cat. Between the links Sushi sent me and one that the fabulous Fannie sent, I should be able to find a new little buddy.

It seems like looking at a personals page, the way these sites have photos of the cats and little biographies :) In a way, that's what I'm doing though...finding someone who will love and play with Mittens. I hope he appreciates the effort.

And look at the time, 9AM. It's funny to think that for all my life, by 9AM I'd have been at work for 2 hours by now. Yet here I am after a half hour of Sims2, able to go through all my emails and take a couple minutes to jot a note.

A lot of mornings recently I haven't felt like getting out of bed, much less sitting up to do things. I've graduated from sleeping with a nightlight to having the TV on but muted to having the TV on with sound. I'm not sure why having the TV on makes me feel as though I won't have nightmares. Maybe because when I half-wake, whatever demons pursue me disappear when I try to figure out what's on the screen. But this exercise can take time and so I'm losing sleep in the middle of the night and it's left me exhausted by dawn. This week's been a bit better, though.

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