Monday, April 04, 2005

Palomino is located in the building across the street from where I worked in Seattle. Liz and I went there one year for our birthday (hers is the day before mine) and she introduced me to Maytag blue cheese in their pear and walnut salad. I like blue cheese but sometimes it can be a bit too tangy for my taste. Maytag is heaven.

Sometimes you can find it Trader Joe's, but I've found that I can rely on Henry's to carry it all the time. It's the best stuff. I had some on my polenta earlier. If you've never had it, or if you don't like blue cheese, try some Maytag. It will convert you :)

I tried my hand at another Italian dessert today: mocha semifreddo. The particular recipe I used included marsala wine but I think if I make this again, I'll omit it. The marsala was overpowering. And I stuck to the recipe exactly; no extra shots of marsala were sacrificed for dessert! I think I'm better at making tiramisu. The berry one turned out good as did the chocolate one. The next dessert I want to try my hand at (besides cream puffs, which I haven't done yet) are little chocolate lava cakes. I have two different recipes for it; maybe I should make one batch of each. Hehehe!

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