Sunday, July 31, 2005

We went to the beach this morning. Chris was concerned because it was extremely overcast. He's now at work, sporting a sunburn. I got a bit crispy on the backs of my legs but Phil seems unscathed.

The other night we headed to the beach to watch the sunset, but got there a few minutes too late. We did wander around the shore for a bit, kicking up seafoam with our toes and then wandered down to look at the sleeping pile of seals in the cove.

Other than these little trips, my week vacation with the cherubs was mainly spent in line at DMV. :/ While Chris passed the driving test, his car flunked its smog inspection and the repair place will not get in the parts needed till tomorrow. I offered to pay for this repair since paying for it himself will completely exhaust his bank account.

I don't have the cash to pay for it either, but at least I have a credit card. Additionally, Chris' dad knew before Chris left Washington that there was a problem with the car's electrical system, including the a/c fan, and decided Chris could have these fixed once he was down here (so that I could pay for it). Thoughtful man. We're not getting these things fixed just yet though, because I am pretty sure I can't afford it even with a credit card.

Anyone know any good, reliable car repair places here in San Diego that won't rip an innocent cherub and his mother off? :/

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