Monday, December 05, 2005

I haven't watched football since Steve Largent retired. This is the first year since then that the Seahawks have actually been doing really well, so I'm wearing my "throwback" jersey and watching Monday Night Football. Guess that makes me a fair weather fan :)

The Seahawks are currently kicking the Eagles' ass! The poor Eagles are being booed off the field by their hometown fans. :/ Now that I do hate; if the team's not doing well, they shouldn't be booed. Just stop watching them for 20 years!

Steve Largent was the hottie of my football fandom those long years past. Not only cute, he was a family man and all-around nice guy. Unfortunately, he also turned out to be Republican, but every man has his flaw. ;)

Back when I worked the phones for Blue Shield in Seattle, I had a last name that was pretty but hard to spell. My boss suggested I come up with an easier name to use and so was born Mrs. Largent.

Mrs. Largent got many kudos for being kind and helpful to the callers; I think that a lot of them were pre-disposed to like me since Steve was such a prominent personality. It was a lot of fun when the caller would pause after Mrs. Largent introduced herself and asked what help the caller needed. "You're...not..." they would often stammer and I'd respond brightly, "No relation." One caller said, "Well, you're nice enough to be married to him." Aww! :)

I still have some of the letters folks sent in thanking Mrs. Largent for her help. For years afterward, a lot of my co-workers would call me that, too, which was always good for a laugh when a new employee would pause and drop their jaw. I guess that twisted sense of humor of mine goes back a lot farther than I thought!

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