Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy new year!

Phil is winging his way northward tonight. Although we both were rain-soaked between my front door and the car, the weather cleared up as we headed toward the airport and his flight wasn't delayed...though if wishes came true, he wouldn't have left.

I'm also feeling much better, which is fairly rotten timing. Last week, I'd venture out with Phil for a couple of hours one day and it would then take me the whole next day to recover. :/ Oh, well...perhaps next time he's down, we'll be more energetic and less full of golf balls.

The good side of being kept inside was that I got to play We <3 Katamari to its conclusion. :) Phil gave it to me for Xmas and it was so much fun. When he came home from work tonight, Chris and I went about rolling up the world. Very addictive!

Tomorrow it's back to work! Hope everyone had a nice new year's weekend!

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