Wednesday, May 30, 2007

2 AM

That's what the little clock on my laptop is telling me. It is pretty late, if the clock on the kitchen wall is correct. That one says it's 11PM.

I'm tired :(

Just got back in from dinner with some of the FlyerTalk folks, including a couple up from Australia. Very nice get together, and much less painful than yesterday's wander of Santa Barbara with Mr. Spiff :)

We went through the art museum. "Here's some naked women," I said as we wandered up toward an exhibit. "Yay!" said Mr. Spiff. Another art patron glanced at us and sidled away.

Our visit wouldn't have hurt so much if either of us had remembered the real directions from the art museum to the park once we decided to walk instead of drive...but it was still a lot of fun. With blisters.

Tomorrow I beard the lion in its den. Our sainted mother will learn that not only am I in Hawaii, but my sister and I plan to move her to California. Hopefully that will go well.

Going to wander off to bed now with a muscle relaxant to knock me out.

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