Saturday, October 13, 2007

Random Bits

Chris napping with Mittens. So cute!

Fortunately, my laptop has a built-in camera, so I was able to take a photo without having to get out of the recliner and ruin the moment. Yay, laptops with cameras!

The guys and gals in our facilities department at work are so nice. Perhaps it's related to the beer Barb and I bought for them that day earlier this year when they had to move a whole building's worth of peeps without the outside contractors that were supposed to help them. In any event, the other day I emailed them to ask if they had spare boxes I could have. Sure, they replied, stop on by.

Then yesterday morning, I arrived at work to find they had piled all kinds of little empty boxes by my desk for me! How cool is that?

Ms. Cuppycake and Amanda took over Scott's house for a barbecue today, but I decided to stay home and fret over my worldly possessions instead. I'm going out later tonight, though, with Mr. Zim to see Labyrinth. It's playing in La Jolla at a midnight showing. We plan to follow up the movie with a visit to Brians' to have pancakes. And maybe see Chris. Muahahaha!

I hope I can stay awake for all this excitement!

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  1. I felt human again today so I caught up on the blog. The photos of Tijuana look great...what an awesome spread of food! And you went for tacos later? Heh.

    I cannot stress enough that hand sanitizes are important. IMPORTANT. Crap, I'm coughing again. L8R!