Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Brand New Year

What's that you say? Bacon chocolate? That slice o'bacon in the photo is just an image on the box; the bacon in the bar is in little bits, enrobed in the creamy smooth chocolate. =) It's really, really good. Really!

If you weren't prohibited from pork products, Broos, I would send you some.

Photos from our New Year's Eve celebration are up on Flickr now.

And photos from the Fishtival at the Seattle Aquarium are up as well!

It's been really cool to see Burnsie and Shienna again. I know Candyce was happy to have more of her San Diego crew around for the holiday. We played some games last night after supper, waiting for the fireworks at the Space Needle to be televised.

Unfortunately, the fireworks had technical difficulties and the eight minute show was interrupted for a couple of minutes or so while some poor firework technician had to go out there on the roof to set off the fireworks manually. Let us hope this is not a prognosticator for the city this year!

After a lovely dim sum lunch today, we wandered down to the Aquarium. They've replaced its Imax with more exhibit space, which gives it an open almost airy feel. There are more tidepools with critters one can touch and the octopi are in a larger display. We were there in time for the octopus feeding, but apparently I'm the only one in our group who saw its tentacle reach out and wrap around the fish being offered to it on a skewer.

At the Northern Fur Seal tank, one of the seals stayed on a ledge near the plexiglass enclosure the entire time we were there, enabling us many opportunities to photograph him. I hope Burnsie's photos came out better than mine, as he has a much better camera!

I have one photo of two river otters curled up together, but it's way too dark. Burnsie also took photos of them so when he posts his photos you might get to see them as they really cute, so cuddly!

The day ended with dinner at Teapot, a vegan restaurant in Bellevue. Kevin and Candyce took me there when I came to visit them in 2006. The food is so good and the selection of teas fills both sides of a menu card. Mmm!

And now, I need to go to sleep, for tomorrow is a work day! Aieee! At least I have bacon chocolate for my midnight snack. Muahahahaha!


  1. I'm not prohibited, I'm just encouraged not to. :)

    Shoot, I had bacon in a California Chicken Wrap from Vons just a couple of days ago. Yum!


  2. Shienna is going to bring you some, Broos. :)

    Just so's you know, it's not dark chocolate. But with the bacon, you may not miss it. It's a good balance of sweet and savory.

    Mmmm....bacon....chocolate... !!!