Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Random Bits

Poor Broos. The target of random chicks texting him :)

A week ago, it was not "drunk texting" as he may suspect (even though we were texting him in the early afternoon from a pub), but just that everyone at the table was speaking about him and I suggested we text him. So I did...which caught him by surprise as it was a work day...but since Candyce had the day off AND Burnsie and Shienna were still in town, Kevin and I decided to also take the day off and there you go. Straight to a pub.

Tonight, Candyce and I went to dinner and yet again we were thinking of we whipped out our phones and started texting him. Muahahahaha!

When are you coming to visit us???

Over dinner, Candyce told me a sad story. Her mom's boss flew with his wife and mom on holiday to Australia. Just before landing, the crew asked if there was a doctor on the flight. And so he was...and to his shock, the patient "at the back" was his mother, who passed away before landing.

Now, this is a very sad story...can you just imagine going through something like this?

But as someone who loves to travel, I said, "He was up front (ie, first or business class) and he let his mom fly economy? What's wrong with him?!"

Candyce said, "Poor woman...she didn't even get to see Australia."

"Maybe she had a heart attack looking out the window," I said. We both bowed our heads in sympathy for such a horrible incident. Then I added, "Just think...he flew her there in economy...and when she goes home, she'll be in with the cargo."

These are the kinds of terrible things I say, not meaning anything malicious, but they just randomly pop out of my mouth. Candyce and I dissolved into giggles. We couldn't look at each other for a minute or so, because if our eyes met, we'd start giggling again.

Mittens is so cute. He's been playing with his little stuffed toys, rolling them around the apartment and chasing them. I love him to bits. I now have to make sure he hasn't got any toys in the bedroom before bedtime as he has been getting up at 2 or 3AM to play. The little goober.


  1. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who says these kinds of things...

    Tobias chases pens. Pencils, too, if there's no pen handy. He tries to eat them while I'm writing, he eats them if you throw them on the floor, everywhere. There is nothing more dangerous than a stationary pen. It might scribble.

  2. I have found various toys in bed or in the bedroom this week. I had a golf sized squishy ball in my bed this morning.

  3. Just as a point, it seems like any time you're texting me, you're drunk. And giggly. Which is pretty much the same thing.


    It was a happiness to receive those wishes from the both of you!


  4. Well...we HAD each had some plum wine by then, but I assure you, that had nothing to do with our texting.

    You didn't answer our question: when are you coming to visit us? :)

  5. Hahaha!:D I totally would have been cracking up at your comment hon. :) /big hugs. :)

  6. Your brain has always been wired in an eerily dark comedy kind of way. Which is why I'd thought at one time that you'd be the perfect writer for something like "Twin Peaks."

    I would've been on the floor laughing til it hurt.

    Broos is telling the truth. He had a smile on his lips as he announced you'd been drunken texting him =)