Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Hats for Old!

After debating what I should do with my rolling metal cart (the one displaced as a desk by my new corner workstation), I've decided to transform the dear little thing into a rolling tea cart instead.

As soon as I remember where I stored my wood grain contact paper, that is. Meanwhile, it sits in all it's putty/oatmeal glory in the dining room, topped with an Ikea tray that I've had for a long while.

I also signed up for a different dating site, which I'm not sure whether I'll stay with or not. Vaguely do I recall that it used to be something different, a site for various internet quizzes. Now it's a dating website with tests.

While I like taking random internet tests, I was a bit put off when some of the questions on the matching quiz were all about sex. And not your basic, " you like to have sex?" but stuff like, "So...would you rather be the dominant or submissive?" and "How about a three-way?" and "What about anal sex?" There were quite a number of these questions mixed in with some political stuff and where you would prefer to go on holidays.

It just seems to me these types of questions might be the things you'd discuss with someone after you've met and decided to further your relationship. But apparently, this website is using them for some mystical mathematical computation for matches.

Yet again, I am done in by math!


  1. hehe, ok cupid is an interesting one... I got one guy who said he was "happily married" with a kid but they have an open relationship and is looking for outside fun... with many people...

    yah... awesome! just what every girls wants!

    the little tests are kinda amusing tho!

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  3. Well, to be fair, it's good to know up front if the person likes to have sex while swinging from his knees by a chandelier. Sexual compatibility's important, and if you can rule out folks you aren't compatible with early, that's no bad thing.

    That, that's really kind of sucky. At the least they could learn more about YOU before they ask if you'll be bringing a riding crop along on the date...

  4. That's my thought, too, Gryph...

    I would much rather find out if I like the person before I find out how he wants to be done ;)

    Plus, you know, this whole internet do I know someone somewhere isn't going to find out which answers I gave and post them someplace later? :D :D :D

  5. Mr. Falconeer...omg, how did you find me? :D

    Wait...don't answer that!