Monday, November 17, 2008

In Today's News...

Dan's dad will be here for a couple of weeks starting on Wednesday. We've been picking up stuff and generally trying to pretend we're, you know, like, grown-ups who can take care of a house.

I am not sure we are that successful, but we try!

Today's adventure was finding a way to get our Rock Band guitars off the floor. They'd been in little baskets by the TV which was fine, other than they detracted from Ninja Dude's coolness by cluttering up his background.

After consulting on the internets and traipsing through the hardware store, we finally ended up at a music shop where we bought real guitar hanger-upper-thingers. Our two Rock Band guitars are now Art in the hallway. And Ninja Dude stands out again!

I like playing the drums in Rock Band 2 as it's a heckuva lot easier for me to follow along. The guitar stuff always throws me off and I'm not comfortable singing songs that I don't know. Somehow, sitting behind the little drum set is okay. I think there are maybe 3 songs total that I've ever heard of before. Since I don't know the rest of them, I just focus on those little colored lines and the beat.

Still playing on easy mode, but that's challenging enough for me. :)


  1. I tend to swing between drums, lead guitar and bass when we play. If Bear's playing, he's always drums, because he's tragic on the guitar. Our friend from Indiana swaps out bass and lead with me, and if Bear's not playing with us, I take the drums.

    We call Bear "Animal". Animal! Animal!

  2. Animal! =D

    Tragic on guitar about sums me up, too. I just can't seem to get one hand to do what it needs to do while also thinking about my other hand.

    A true case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing!