Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yes, Honey!

The game went rather well, with Ohio State beating Michigan rather handily. They brought in their former starting quarterback (a senior) and he threw a touchdown pass. How nice!

In the afternoon, Dan's dad (Ed) mentioned a hankering for a chocolate cake. Dutifully, I consulted my cookbooks and decided that the only cake which would not require me to make a trip to the store was Nigella Lawson's Honey-bee Cake.

Oh, my goodness. My sweet, sticky, chocolately goodness. Ed helped me by licking out the batter bowl and wondering why I'd bothered putting the rest of it into the oven. He also helped clean up the spatula much later when I glazed the cake. And later still, when we removed the glaze-covered strips of parchment paper from beneath the cake, he set those aside and cleaned them up as well.

And then he had two generous slices of cake with a large glass of milk.

I'd say it turned out rather well. I will make another one for game night at Candyce's sometime as it's really incredibly decadent. Mmm, decadence!

1 comment:

  1. Mmmmmmm, chocolate that I cannot have. Sniffle.

    I need to find a good white chocolate cake recipe. Sigh.