Thursday, January 22, 2009


Apparently the comments are slightly weird, occasionally, although they work sometimes. I have no idea how to fix them. This is one of them thar pre-made templates so when I look at the code, all I see is #@$!%%!!!

And that's what I say while looking at it, too.

Maybe I'll just switch to a different template and see if that works. Too tired to do so tonight.

Sunshine (the sweater) is at a dividing point, where I put the sleeve bits onto bits of waste yarn while I finish off the body bits. Later on, I come back to do the sleeve bits.

Dan tried on the sock I finished tonight, hereinafter referred to as The Sock That Was Too Small. It fit along the foot, but the heel and the leg portions were short. So I did what any good knitter does; I frogged it.

Cast on for them again but will begin actual knitting on them tomorrow. Maybe.

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