Monday, January 12, 2009


...on my this photo:

Sunshine...on my shoulders...looks so lovely!

((sorry, John Denver, I couldn't help it...but I'm not the one who named this pattern anyway))

I'm using a soy/wool blend with beautiful teal-purple colors. It's called Mermaid Mix, although after looking at the photos I thought, "It looks more like Oil Slick." But it's very soft and gorgeous.

The only problem is that Sunshine is a long-sleeved cardigan and that means I will be fretting about matching colors on both sleeves with the body. That won't be very easy. So I'm keeping open the possibility that I may need to buy something solid to form a large "stripe" on the sleeve.

Also right now: knitting a hat for myself, about 80% done on my second Lady Eleanor and bought grey wool to make Dan's a pair of socks. Plus the skulls baby blanket for Jack, who turned one last month.

We'll see how it goes. Oddly, the stuff I knit for myself seems to be taking forever. I guess it's the lack of urgency as I don't need to finish them for Christmas or something. Maybe I need to set a personal goal to finish things!

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