Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spring Day

It's so warm today that Dan and I are in our shorts and tank tops, windows wide open to let in the fresh air. Whee!

I'm taking allergy pills as all this freshness is killing me. :)

Finished my Mokira socks today, although since I have so much of the yarn left in the skein, I am debating whether I want to undo the cuff part and knit back up to make them longer on the leg.

My itchy bites are still pretty ugly but at least they aren't so itchy now. Still, I'm somewhat embarrassed by how my hands look, with all these swelling red dots on them. On the mildly amusing side, my encounter with bedbugs gave two of the guys at the office nightmares.

The sun is still up. I'm going to go finish some laundry. The mundane chores are never done.

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