Sunday, August 23, 2009


I've been taking the long road home from wherever I go, getting used to my new surroundings. If I feel that I've wandered too far off the beaten path, I turn on the GPS to get me home.

Although Gypsy (the GPS) does have a penchant for "as the crow flies" and will occasionally take me down some pretty interesting, beautiful and narrow little backwoods pathways to get me back on an interstate. She's funny that way.

Yesterday's adventure was to a town called Westminster, home of the Carroll County edition of Maryland's DMV. After having some issue proving I live here (which seems so odd to me, considering I had all sorts of proof...just not the proof they wanted), I managed to eventually get licensed.

Next goal: getting Jane Grey registered in the state. Then, our transformation will be complete.

I really need to keep my camera in the car as I drive around as there were so many times while wandering home yesterday that I wanted to stop and take a picture. Maryland is so pretty! It's softly green, undulating little hills, curvy roads and old farmhouses beside the road with fading red barns beyond them.

While I'm not living in a cute little 1840s cottage after all, I am still drawn to the greystone houses that are scattered all over the place here. Maybe someday, I'll actually get to live in one of them. :)

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