Sunday, May 16, 2010


Now that my House Hunters period is in hiatus (waiting for the repairs and other stuff to happen before closing), I can do other things with my spare time.

Yesterday, I hung out with Kate. Her wife and kids are visiting out of town, so we could goof off all day without worrying about their son's sports schedule, or potty breaks or anything else.

We spent time knitting at the yarn shop in Glyndon, had a late lunch, and then I took Kate for a drive-by of Hampden Place. We ended our tour at the Rita's frozen custard shop down the street, sitting outside and enjoying the early evening calm.

Today, I'm going to meet one of the RIDs for an Orioles game at Camden Yard. My goal is to catch the light rail, which I have never done before. Hahahaha! Can I pile on the stress or what? :)

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