Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Day at the Farm

Molly, Veronica, and I spent all day Saturday being lazy at the farm. Feederbrook Farm, to be precise. Molly owns half a sheep up there (that's her sheep in the photo with her), and Lisa (the farm's owner) was having an open house, so we took picnic supplies and headed up.

Lots of lovely grounds, a variety of animals, and cool old buildings. Lisa explained what-all varieties of sheep she had, but I don't remember a thing. We walked around the grounds, admired architecture (well, I did), and got to sit in the shade of enormous maple trees, knitting or spinning. The day was hot, but in the shade, it was about perfect. Beautiful sheep, too. Rob would have liked it. ;)

I was in heaven. It was the sort of idyllic day that might have led me to buy Goat House, thinking I'd love a life in the country. But my practical side kicked in (eventually), and I'm grateful to have Hampden Place, with occasional visits to the lifestyle to which I am unsure I'd ever become accustomed.

I'm glad we had such a nice outdoorsy day on Saturday, for Sunday brought a deluge! I sat in the front parlor knitting and looking out at the sheets of water washing down the street. It's still raining today, and the world smells fresh. Once the rain stops, I need to haul in the window air conditioners. No sense pulling them in while they're wet, though. I hope we get some dry days before it gets cold. =\

I need to frog the Owl Socks again. Even on larger needles, they are too tight at the heel. Next go, I'll be increasing stitches after the cuff, so need to add a few columns to the pattern. Not feeling up to it at the moment, so I turned to the knit-along that Kate and I started with a pattern for Leafy Fingerless Gloves instead.


  1. Did you get any wool for me? And yes, nice sheep!

  2. Does this mean I'm famous?