Saturday, September 18, 2010

Moving Right Along

I think I have developed a cold. Snuffling, sneezy, and chilly. Need to knit a pair of socks with toes that I can wear with my slippers as I shuffle down into the basement to do laundry.

Last weekend was busy. I'd taken my bereavement leave and spent the time knitting, cleaning, thinking, and recovering from OSM's death. On Saturday afternoon, Candyce flew in from Seattle to give me a hug.

Have I mentioned before that I adore Candyce? If not (but I'm sure that I have), I mention it. We drove around DC for a while before turning on the GPS and heading back to Baltimore, where she got to see Hampden Place. Yay!

Before OSM's passing, I'd planned a Sunday brunch as my local yarn shop, Lovelyarns, was having a trunk show. It's about 3 blocks from where I live, so I'd invited over my knitting peeps. After OSM died, I didn't want to cancel my event. In some ways, I needed more than ever to have friendly, happy people in my home. So, knitting peeps came. They got to meet Candyce, which made me so happy to have her meet my new friends.

And then, we walked down to the shop, and Candyce and I had to turn around almost immediately so that I could take her to the airport for her flight home.

Shortest trip ever, but so worth it for the hugs.

Also made me miss being in Seattle, hearing all about how my Seattle friends are going about doing cool things together. I've read about their doings on Facebook (a blessing and a curse of modern living), but seeing Candyce and hearing about what they've been doing makes it even more real. Their lives are going on without me. Aiee!

And my life goes on without them. Or more like, with and without, since we have the type of friendship wherein it's not necessary to live in one another's pockets. Every bit of time we get together is precious.

In knitting news, been working on two socks simultaneously. One pair is another pair of Monkey socks, which I started after seeing Kate knitting hers. Kate, Anna, and I all started a knit-along, making Monkeys two-at-a-time. Heh! Anna is so brave. This is her first pair of socks, and her first two-at-a-time, too. When she went to the trunk show, she bought a ton of sock yarns. I think I have converted her. Muahahahaha!

I decided this time to try the Strong heel, which has no pick-up stitches. Couldn't figure it out on my own; lots of references to how simple it is, but I need real instruction. :) Finally found it via something called Fiber Camp Boston. Dude! What a fabulous concept! Both the camp and the heel. Looks very nice, especially with stripes. Will probably do this heel more often, now that I understand it.

The other pair of socks I'm making is Broadripple. I love how the top of the sock becomes almost crenelated due to the stitch pattern.

If my stolen wifi weren't so wonky, I'd include photos with this post. Maybe later.

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