Monday, June 20, 2011

Socks for Me :)

Meet Rainbow Over Lahaina, a feather and fan sock pattern. It feels like forever since I knit a pair of socks for me, which isn't really true, but there you go. I used the yarn that Kate dyed for the first installment of her sock yarn club, World Folk Tales.

I have finished a single sock in the pattern that I'm writing for her to send out in a later shipment. It's been an interesting process. When I started writing the pattern, most of my yarn stash is variegated, so the pattern doesn't show up as much. After finishing a pair of long-suffering cable socks, I decided to use what was left to knit up a single, large-size sock to photograph for the pattern.

It turned out rather nicely, and enabled me to see where I wanted to make adjustments to the final pattern instructions. I spent some time this weekend writing down the changes I've made, including an adjustment to the heel I'm using: the band heel.

This is an old-fashioned heel style, also known as the German heel. It's really simple to do, but the end result on my first attempts was a shallow heel cup and that worried me. I usually wear my socks with clogs anyway, so having the pattern come almost all the way to the floor is okay, but it can be an issue if one wears socks with enclosed shoes. To test a theory, I knit it a slighly different way on the Rainbow Over Lahaina socks and it was perfect! Yay! So that's the version that's going into the pattern.

Now I just need to write the story to go along with my pattern, and to make the little bookmarkers that Kate will include with the shipment when it goes out. Very exciting!

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