Monday, January 02, 2012

Companionable Mitts

Lazing away, and so glad that these mitts are done (I finished them on the plane returning from my holiday in Seattle) as the temperature has dropped significantly. It'll be in the 30s this week, after such balmy 50s - 40s since November.

Rose Tyler mitts, of which I've knit three pairs, are gorgeous, and these purple ones are for me. They're in Kate's new dk weight yarn, a soft and squishy single-ply superwash merino. It reminds me a lot of Malabrigo in its luxurious feel. Mmmmmm!

But why would I need to make 3 pairs...?

The first pair was for Christina, to whom I'd lent all my Dr. Who DVDs last year. She admired Rose as the Companion, and so I knit a pair for her in a lovely Louet Riverstone, in the aptly named colorway Rose.

In a lovely quirk of fate, I ended up being Christina's Secret Santa at the office, so I left her little things every Monday in December, finally ending up with the packet containing scented handmade soap, and these mitts. She wore them around the office all day, and was completely thrilled. Yay!

The second pair is in Miss Babs Yummy Sport, and is the exact weight called for in the pattern. I started them, thinking I'd keep them for myself. Then Kate accepted a job at 38 Studios, hired away from us by my nemesis, Mr. Moorgard. :(

I've always told Kate that I'd never knit anything for her as she's a great knitter herself. As I knit away on this pair of mitts, Kate complimented their color (which is a lovely rusty punkin), and suddenly, they became in my mind Kate's mitts. And so, I gave them to her for Christmas. They're perfect for her, and she wore them on her vacation to Scotland. I'd suggested that she take pics of the mitts at various locations during the trip, like folks do with gnomes and such, and she did. :) Her album's on Facebook, but for some reason, every time I try to link to a thing today, Blogger's interface messes it up, so no links for you!

But trust me, her mitts had a great time. :)

Later today, I'll do my 2012 tarot reading. I thought about it last night, but was caught up in downloading books from to my new Kindle, gifted to me by my little cherubs. I only wish I'd gotten one sooner; it's fabulous. I've already finished 4 books on it (Pride and Prejudice; The Secret Garden; Heaven to Betsy, and Emily of Deep Valley), and am nearly done with A Little Princess. Why, yes, I do love to re-read old favorites. :)

I also copied in a knitting pattern .pdf, to see how it would work, and it looks pretty decent. Clearly, this is no iPad, but at the least I can carry around various patterns with me to consult with as I knit. Only 20 years to appreciate technology are left to me (to quote Donna), and I hope to make the most of them.

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