Monday, October 27, 2014

New Pattern on Ravelry: Whistling Thorn Socks

These socks are so lovely, and the color from A Hundred Ravens is a warm green that feels just right for the project. Knit up in Iachos, Whistling Thorn is not only the pattern name, but the name of the colorway as well. Kate's newest colors are in a series called Ol Pejeta, which is an animal conservancy in Kenya, and to whom a portion of the proceeds from the yarn sales will also go.

Yet again, I found a stitch I liked in my mom's old Japanese stitch dictionary that turned out to be perfect for the socks Kate wanted. Easy to memorize, great in both tonal and variegated yarns, and with an added bonus of being both feminine and masculine in appearance. I truly enjoyed knitting them, and when I completed the second sock while at Stitches East, I gave them to Becca. Whether she ever gets to wear them is another story, as at least one sock is supposed to be a shop sample. :)

I spent September finishing up the socks, doing the final edits on another sock pattern (which will come out next year, and I am so excited about it!), and looking for full-time work. The days seem to be longer than usual, which is in contrast to the decreasing sunshine as the year deepens into autumn. It's my favorite time of year, perfect for leaf peeping, cowls, shawls, and of course, socks!

My casual mention of Stitches East belies the excitement attending the event. I had just said to my friend Cate as we drove back from Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival (which was a blast, and quite a great event itself) that I hoped to go to Stitches East someday. That night, I got an email from Kate asking me if I were available to work in A Hundred Ravens' booth there... and I naturally jumped on the chance!

Kitty and I drove up, taking our time. The air was crisp, but still somewhat warm. Leaves were changing, but nothing like what they'd be the following week when we drove back down! I had a blast working my first ever fiber show while Kitty enjoyed herself in the sunshine and glory of a fully-fenced yard with Becca and the kids.

I met an amazing number of people, and learned quite a lot about the intricacies of setting up and tearing down a show booth. We had a yarn tasting table, so folks could "taste-drive" the various AHR fibers, and quite a number of samples for folks to admire and fondle.

When I got home, I immediately cast on one of the projects I admired (and whose designer, Christiane, is marvelous!): Volan. I'm using two AHR club colorways for it, Gloriana and Scheherazade. Currently on the last ruffle, and I cannot wait to wear it! And, in a super cool moment, I got to meet Dizzy of Dizzy Sheep, and kiss his adorable lil face as he snooped around the AHR booth. Best first festival ever for me!

I've been knitting more than spinning lately, maybe because I now have a cute pile of handspun yarns waiting to become finished objects. The queue is long, the days are not, and I need more coffee already this morning. Adieu!

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