Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Today I am a sheep. A black sheep. If we obtain photographs (I forgot my camera) I will put one up for your enjoyment.

You know what I hate, that feeling that you've got the wrong date. I knew it was 10/31. Had to be, all day yesterday was the 30th. Yet when I walked into the store this morning to pick up something for the company potluck, I realized no one else was in a costume. No one. Not even the clerks, who normally have on some make up or hats or something.

My hair is pulled up into to ponytails (ears) that pook out from this black watch cap. I'm wearing a black sweatshirt, inside out so the fuzzy side shows. I have black-rimmed eyes. I felt like an idiot.

But only for a moment. For me, Halloween is fun and dress up is always fun. So I stood a bit straighter and baaa'd when I found the cookies I wanted to buy.

Everything goes better with a baaaa.

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