Thursday, November 15, 2001

Yesterday, I wanted to shop. At lunch, in the pouring rain, I scrambled down the street to the Bon for their weekly "one day only" sale. It's sort of a joke around here, because they have one of these sales every week but they are all promoted as one day only.

All the clearance rack stuff was an additional 40 percent off. That's like mostly half-off an already half-off item!

Yet I couldn't find anything that I liked in a price (even on clearance) that I thought was good OR I found the item but couldn't tell if it would ft. Yes, gentle readers, it is the return of the Size Issue, that I thought I had gotten over or at least gotten used to. It depressed me, so I stopped flipping through the racks and wandered aimlessly through the store, ending up buying nothing more than lunch (a low fat salad, like that's going to help now).

When I went to bed last night, both Mittens and Maggie followed me up the stairs. Mittens got under the covers and after experimenting in different spots, decided to curl up against my neck and shoulder. Maggie sprawled out somewhere on top of the covers. When Rob came upstairs, Mittens left voluntarily, knowing he was ready to be kicked out anyhow. Maggie, however, thinks it is Her Royal Right to sleep in my bed. Even through my dreamy/drowsy/asleep haze, I could hear her protesting and arguing with Rob as he assisted her out the door. Some nights, when Rob is in bed before me, he makes me toss her out. "She doesn't yell at you," he says. I think it's more because, like me, he's found that she's good at heating up the bed to just the right cozy, comfy temperature and he doesn't want to get back out once he's curled up with her beside him.

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