Wednesday, September 18, 2002

A Day at the Fair with Sheepy and Owlchick.

We needed a thing to do, and what better thing than the Western Washington Fair! Using the handy-dandy event planner on the Fair's website, Rob quickly determined that we would go on Sunday rather than Saturday.

Sunday morning, bright and early, we stumbled down the stairs and headed to Puyallup. We had to get there by 10AM because that's when the sheep judging took place. I got a cup of coffee and we found the sheep judging pens.

"Oh, good, we can get a front row seat!" Rob beamed as he shoved aside parents waiting to see their 4-H child competing in order to get two seats right next to the fence.

The event was pretty exciting for us. We picked two sheep we thought looked particularly nice; one was a rich brown colored sheep, and the other was the more classic white with black nose and legs. As the judge had the sheep and their owners move around the pen, stopping to pose, she eventually pointed at some of the competitors and had them stand in the center of the ring. Our two sheep were in the group left standing at the perimeter of the pen.

Rob whispered to me, "This is actually pretty suspenseful since we have no idea what she's looking for...maybe our sheep got eliminated already!"

We turned out to have pretty good sheep-instincts, as the two sheep we found particularly enticing were invited back for the finals. Yay!

The rest of the day went peacefully. We saw all the sheep, the horses, the seeing eye puppies, the crafts and watched some horrifying new rides. We had funnel cakes. It was a beautiful day at the Fair.

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