Wednesday, November 27, 2002

A kind of funny story.

Last year when Rob and I visited Suz and Broos, I found that neither of them indulges in a morning cuppa joe and so they don't keep any on hand. When I went down last week, I meant to bring some instant ; even got as far as mulling over packing my French press but of course I forgot to pack anything. Wednesday morning as I puttered around the pantry rearranging things to make life difficult for Broos (smirk), I found a box of little International coffees in individual packets. "How sweet of them to have this for me!" I thought, locating a coffee mug (which, oddly enough, the cupboard included a coffee mug with the mug of Vern -- at least I think it's Vern -- on it and for some reason, I just could not envision myself enjoying my morning coffee with Vern on the label), microwaving water and sitting down with Suz's photo collage in the living room.

An hour or so later, Broos stumbles out of bed and wanders into the kitchen and I thank him for having coffee on hand. He blinks and ponders.

"You know, I don't remember us having any. If it's there, I'll bet Suz brought it from Missouri."

Well, the coffee tasted fine so I figured he was mistaken. When I went back to make another cup, I found a coupon in the box. It expired December 31, 1997. Aieeeee!

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