Monday, June 16, 2003

My sister wants to know why I am an Owlchick :)

Once upon a time, my GM name in the big game derived from mythology; I wanted to come and go in the form of an owl. My BossDude obligingly wrote a script that made it so. Another GM came along and she also wanted to be an owl (but was bright enough to do her own scripting) so we both came and went as feathered huntresses of the night; we referred to each other as "chick" which eventually devolved for me into "Owlchick." When I decided, after much hinting from Suz, to start an online journal, I mulled over the different names I could go by and picked this one. And they lived happily ever after.

I dreamt I was in the big game writing a script and I had trouble figuring out why things wouldn't line up for me (how typical). After consulting with the other folks, I found my mistake and started to fix it but then the script listed itself out and was all fixed up for me! While I admired it, Suz sent me a message (for I was dreaming in a text window), "I love fixing up scripts for fluff :)" Before I could thank her, Broos joined the adventure and said something snide, no surprise, and I said "Welcome to the party!" Then someone's car horn went off on the street outside and I woke up and started to cry. I was mad that someone outside would wake me up when I finally got to speak with Suz again. Just thinking about it makes me tear up again because I'd been waiting to see her in my dreams and thought this would be it! and I'd get to tell her everything I never had a chance to before! And, of course, when you want to go back into the same dream you were having before you woke up, you can't ever seem to get there again.

Must get ready to dash to work via the bus. When I lived in Hawaii, we referred to TheBus as "the city limo." Up here, it's "Mr. Metro." Either way, it's a long ride.

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