Saturday, September 06, 2003

I dragged Robert and the cherubs to Fry's today. They opened up a store in Renton and after reading the reviews and talking to a couple of folks who went, I decided we needed to go there, too.

The boys wanted to look at video games; I wanted to look at computers; Rob wanted to drag me around and look at everything. He dragged me by the hand over to a table whereat they were taking names for a drawing (a big SUV, like we need one). One of the helpers pipes up to Rob, "Both you and your wife can sign up for the drawing!" I turned a frosty eye on Rob and said, jerking my hand from his, "You didn't tell me your wife is here." The poor helper got flustered, " and your...girlfriend...I'm sorry...." Hehehe. I may have to do that again sometime. :)

Anyway, my new ice cream maker is in the freezer, in preparation for a day of making ice cream. I printed off some recipes and we'll give it a go. We also got Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, and a Lupin the Third DVD. Robert looked at PCs and determined that with all the bells and whistles I want, I need to whistle up Dell and get the XPS. It'll be spendy, but worthwhile.

After all, now that I had to go out and get my own SWG account so we'd stop fighting over the one copy we bought originally, I need a PC that won't turn my runs into any town into choppy and freeze-frame screen shots. Right? Right! :) Although, with school starting back up in a couple of weeks, I may put off getting anything till December. I'm taking introduction to computer science and intermediate algebra. The computer science doesn't scare me; it's the algebra. ::sigh::

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