Monday, March 01, 2004

I have no time to do anything fun. :( Behind me, I hear Rob playing with MY copy of Beyond Good and Evil. Mine! Mine! Mine! (hear in your head the lovely seagulls from Finding Nemo)

At the moment I am pondering how to construct an Egyptian barge for Cleopatra's wedding this summer. Also, I am planning to host a party for her next month...only it's now this month and it's not happening.

Newsletter still to do -- and no articles to go into it yet.

Lecture notes to plan. At least I have a textbook, and several review copies requested, so I am going to outline each chapter and take it from there. But I don't want to plan too much on this as the course could be cancelled it it hasn't enough enrollment. We don't find out till the first week of class. So I don't want to plan too much in case they cancel class; I'd hate to have wasted all that time.

Plus a week in San Jose, which seems as though that ought to be fun, and in many ways it will be, but Rob won't be there (prolly playing MY copy of KotOR! Mine! Mine!) and I am not exactly an outgoing person. Well, I kind of am. But I'm mostly shy. Broos won't go to keep me company, so I'll be lurking in corners, hoping to run into someone nice to talk with about stuff and things. At least the sessions are interesting. I've highlighted the ones I'm most interested in and now must hope they don't conflict with all the other ones I want to attend. So, you can see why this isn't exactly a relaxing week for me.

Taxes still aren't finished either. We ran into a glitch entering some of Rob's information, and I'll have to wrestle with that later as well. His laundry is in the dryer and needs to be wrestled with, too. Plus there's a half a chair on the floor behind me. Recall that Rob went to buy a new one; evidently taking the old one out with the trash isn't on his "to do" list. Not that he can remember to take out the trash either. Men.

To top it all off, it is getting to be Spring here in the PacNW and my eye feels as though someone has tossed a handful of sand into it. Just one eye, though, so I get to wink at everyone trying to clear it out which probably makes me look like a hooker when I'm standing at the bus stop in the morning, waiting for the bus and winking. Oy!

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