Monday, June 21, 2004

I am sunburned and happy. It's like being a kid again. :)

Yesterday we went to the Scottish festival. A very exciting day. I was nearly kidnapped, had my shorts yanked off by a stranger and got to sit in the grass and toast my legs.

Being a Scottish festival, I of course meandered to the Boyd booth. An elderly gent told me the entire history of the Boyd clan, despite the fact that I was edging away when we finished with Robert the Bruce's part in the clan's history. The gent vigorously encouraged me to join the clan (I look so incredibly Scottish), they have camping! They have cook-outs! It's good, wholesome fun! And then he says, "Oh, is that a wedding ring? Or do you just wear that to look married?" Whereupon I said, "My husband is over at the caber toss just now, I'd best catch up to him," (my husband not being there, but Broos was over at the caber toss, putting the young laddies to shame) and sidled out of the tent as Mr. Boyd the kidnapper looked suitably disappointed.

There was much shopping as well. I fondled tea cozies and discussed the virtue of lavender with other shoppers. Then I found the object of my affections, the UtiliKilt booth. Near the tent, Kevin stood beside his girlfriend Candace with his jeans around his ankles and a kilt about his hips. I asked a salesman to measure me (I have always wanted one...a utilikilt, not a salesman). His female assistant measured me, he pulled an appropriate garment off the rack, whipped it around my hips and said, "Now hold here." Then he reached up under the kilt, grabbed my shorts and pulled them down so the kilt would lie flat. When I decided to try on a different colored kilt, he wrapped that kilt over the one I had on, reached up under it, and yanked off the old kilt. I decided on the dark grey model I tried on last. He asked, "Do you want to take off your shorts or do you want me to do it for you?" By then, Bruce, John, Michelle, Kevin and Candace were waiting on me, so I said, "Well, you've been under my kilt before..." and the cheerful salesman grabbed my shorts and riiiiippppped them away (to my momentary panic of, what if my cheerful undergarments came away too? but whew, they stayed on).

Immediately after being kilted, I called Heidi to tell her because our goal was to each buy one. Turns out, she'd been to the Fremont Fair that very day where her husband teased her out of getting one. But now that I have mine... :) Go, Heidi!

And so, there you have it. My first Scottish festival with a true Scottish dude. I'm toasted, un-kidnapped and kilted. :)

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