Thursday, June 24, 2004

There's a cat who wanders into Broos' backyard, which is where my bedroom window faces. The other morning as I got dressed, I heard a loud *whump* at the window and looked to see the cat stretched out on the screen, peering in at me and mewing.

Won't Mittens have fun? :)

Tomorrow night I'm flying up to Seattle, then Saturday driving down I-5 with the rest of my shoes, my house plants, my computer and Mittens. Poor Mittens nearly drove Rob insane the first night in Rob's new apartment, so Rob trundled Mittens back to the condo where he's lived all his life. The moving, the packing and no mommy have given him (Mittens) a lot of anxiety. I may have a totally grey kitty by the time I get back there to rescue him. Rob may have grey hairs, too, poor guy :(

Hopefully, Mittens will be kind to me and Bruce and not keep us up all night yowling. :/ Rob thinks Mittens just needs me to comfort him, which is my job. Rob is the wrestler so when he picks Mittens up, it's usually for playtime. When I pick Mittens up, it's to snuggle and coo over. Typical parents :)

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