Sunday, August 01, 2004

When I was in high school, I wrote a parody of the John Denver classic 'Sunshine On My Shoulders' that went something like:

Sunburn on my shoulders
Makes me itchy
Sunburn on my shoulders
Makes me cry

Fortunately, that's not the area that's sunburned; I am sporting bright red kneecaps, from sitting on the grass next to Michelle and hugging my legs to my chest. Michelle has a gracefully painful red stripe along her leg because she sat much more gracefully than I. Broos is also sunburned on the legs, and because we're all kind of red in various places we are foregoing our planned Sunday stroll through the Los Penasquitos canyon which is near my apartment.

Instead, I'm doing laundry. :) And have been playing Knights of the Old Republic on my laptop, which doesn't exactly meet the game's system requirements, adding a level of excitement to the game that I didn't have with the X-box version. Whenever my party steadfastly runs in circles instead of progressing where I want them to go, I must remind myself that anyone who plays a game on a computer that it's not designed for must suffer the consequences. I'm sitting by the open living room window in one of my two outdoor plastic mesh chairs, enjoying the light breeze and the clean scent of the eucalytpus tree just outside. If any of my neighbors is looking in at me, I hope I look like a world-famous author, penning her next success, rather than someone with sunburnt knees who doesn't want to go even to the grocery store until sunset.

I feel vaguely dangerous, like a vampire :)

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