Sunday, December 12, 2004

Made it home in one piece from the company holiday party, despite being unable to find the entrance to the garage. The mysterious voice answering the "Call Attendant" button at the locked entrance to the parking garage said to walk to the Starbucks and enter the building...but there wasn't a Starbucks on the 3 corners of the building I walked around, since the attendant neglected to say where said coffee establishment is.

Social outings give me anxiety. I keep expecting to do something wrong, or have something awful happen. Nothing awful happened and I suppose the most wrong thing I did was get my hair done before Candice and Anissa got to the salon (Candice had made appointments for all of us to get girled up and I got to there early). Still, that wrong was right since I had to go home and change, then pick up Kevin and make it to the party.

The highlight of the night would be getting complimented by a homeless-type person near the parking garage. He followed me across the street and offered to buy me a cup of coffee, which I declined, but upon reflection should have taken him up on. After all, he apparently knew where the Starbucks is.

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