Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Sims2 have eaten what's left of my life. I am trying to see how generation 2 will be, which means I have to carefully grow up dozens of little Sims, make sure they aren't related somehow and then pair them off two by two. What a time sucker upperer.

Today one of our producery types took me on a long-promised trek to a place that serves Hawaiian food. I have not had Hawaiian food anywhere but Hawaii, so it has been ages. My gosh, the food was so good! I've had laulau where the "meat" is a chunk of pork fat and the fish is non-existent. Wherever these people get their laulaus, they hold a fistful of meat and were ono! I hope I can find this place again sometime because it was so worth it!

Matt just called to remind me to watch House tonight. I have never seen it before but Tivo says it has Hugh Laurie, whom I adore. Go, Tivo, go!

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