Saturday, February 05, 2005

So, masculine readers, skip this post :)

The other day I happened to glance at the non-stick-to-it paper on an adhesive feminine product (hehehe) and noticed that along with the instructions on its use ("This Side Down!" -- which seems pretty obvious, but I'll bet the gazillionaire who didn't read the instructions and later went on to invent the Brazilian wax is probably responsible for the inclusion of these instructions), the paper included some "Tips for living." To show how dumbfounded I was by this discovery, I paused to actually read them.

Which is probably what the feminine product company was hoping, but still. It was the most peculiar place to list things like getting sleep, drinking plenty of water and taking time out for oneself. I wonder if they were sued for something ("I use your product and it sucked all the water right out of me! I couldn't sleep!") and that's why they included these helpful hints. Who knows?

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