Monday, February 07, 2005

Yay! Ovation is showing Antiques Roadshow UK. I've missed being near Canada, which showed it on CBC every day. Since moving to the other end of I-5, I've been too far away to catch any Canadian stations :)

It's a very relaxing program, although I'm somewhat surprised to note that the programs being shown are pretty much the same ones that were shown on CBC. The surprise is that the show's been on the air for well over 20 years, but what's showing is from 2001. What happened to the rest of the years, I wonder? Is this the only year that was exported?

I spent a very quiet weekend. Grocery shopping, Sims 2, laundry. I glanced at my box of tax forms, but I need to go pick up some California tax forms and I haven't been up to the challenge. Normally I do my taxes online, but since this is my first time paying state tax in gee...nearly 25 years!...I want to do it on paper first to get a feel for it. Except, you know, it's math. :/ I hate math.

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