Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Every week the Massage Lady comes to our offices and for a mere $1/minute, we can plant our faces into the soft toilet seat head rest and get a nice back rub. My shoulders have been giving me some trouble so I made an appointment and went.

"Tell me if I'm pressing too hard," she said at the start of the session. Unfortunately, with my face in the toilet, she couldn't hear the whimpers of pain. I figured I was being wimpy since I was pretty tight through the shoulders so I let her beat away at me for 20 minutes. "You should really come more often," she chided gently at the end of the session, "so we can work on that knot."

Well, maybe I should. But it will take me a while to get over the agony of this week's episode. :( I couldn't sleep last night from the discomfort. My shoulder is making unnerving clicking noises when I move my arm. My shoulders feel bruised and tender. I'll be taking some ibuprofen later so I can sleep tonight.

I've taken shiatsu massage classes which is a different technique from the Massage Lady's. I prefer the more relaxing nature of a shiatsu massage. Pressure, release, light stroke, pressure, release. Even if the pressure is strong, it's applied smoothly. Jiggling, wiggling massages are apparently not for me. I need to find a shiatsu Massage Lady.

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