Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Mittens and Melody have reached a semi-armed truce. The bedroom is hers. The living room is mostly his, but she is staking claim to the underneath of the dining table. They slink around and make slightly threatening noises, but no fur has flown in the past two days.

Could it be the Feliway? Who knows? I did resist spraying the stuff directly onto Melody, who while pretending to rub up against my arm turned her little fluffy head to bite my elbow. :/

On my b'day last month as Broos and I were exchanging IMs, my vision suddenly went to hell. I put it down to sudden aging of my left eye. After some ibuprofen, things cleared up and I figured I'd short-circuited an unusual migraine aura. Tonight I had a similar but different experience. It started with a little jagged circle bending light in the middle of my field of vision, kind of like a bear trap made of glass. By the time I was driving home, I had a lovely Africanesque fringe all around in black and white. I considered calling Broos to have him check on me tomorrow as I thought I was turning into a Picasso and would be two dimensional by morning.

More ibuprofen has cleared up my vision, but I think I will call the eye doctor and see what's going on.

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